Daily Lunch Menu

Monday 17.7.2017

P: Chicken broth / Rasp soup with eggs

M1: Roasted pork with homemade ajvar (pepper condiment) and young potatoes             4,28€

M2: Pumpkin pancake with cream dip and cheese                                                                             4,28€

M3: Chicken steak baked with mozzarella cheese and tomato, lettuce with spinach            6,80€

Tuesday 18.7.2017

P: Chicken Broth / Hokkaido cream

M1: Chicken steak in corn chips, steamed rice                                                                                     4,28€

M2: Champignon stew with small home-made spinach dumplings                                              4,28€

M3: Grilled tenderloin with raw zucchini salad                                                                                     6,80€

Wednesday 19.7.2017

P: Chicken broth / Spinach soup

M1: Dense pea soup with roasted sausage, bread                                                                              4,28€

M2: Risotto with broccoli and cheese                                                                                                      4,28€

M3: Turkey slices with fried egg, sweet potato                                                                                    6,80€

Thursday 20.7.2017

P: Chicken Broth / Carrot-Ginger Cream

M1: Chicken roll with spinach and cheese, steamed rice                                                                 4,28€

M2: Trottole with crushed tomatoes, black olives, garlic, basil and cheese                              4,28€

M3: Grilled trout, vegetables on butter                                                                                                  6,80€

Friday 21.7.2017

P: Chicken Broth / Vegetable with Pink Lentil

M1: Spanish style pork meat, rice                                                                                                              4,28€

M2: Sprout bean sauce with egg                                                                                                                4,28€

M3: Zucchini with ham and blue cheese, french fries from root vegetables                             6,80€



M4: Fried cheese with french fries, home-made tartar sauce                                                        4,28€