Daily Lunch Menu

PRICE: M1 a M2: 4,28 €
PALEO: 6,60€

MONDAY 22.5.2017:
S: Chicken Broth / Spinach Cream

M1: Chicken gyros with salad, tomato and garlic dip in plate
M2: Vegetarian bread rolls, butter-parsley potatoes, home-made tartar

PALEO: Grilled pancake with carrot puree, leek

TUESDAY 23.5.2017:
S: Chicken broth / French onion soup

M1: Chicken sote on curry with peanuts and shoots, steamed rice
M2: Fried cheese trio, potato mash

PALEO: Beef boiled with horseradish dip, roasted rosemary batats

WEDNESDAY 24.5.2017:
S: Chicken broth / Vegetable clear soup with potatoes

M1: Fried fillet from alaska codfish, Slovak potato salad
M2: Champagne perkelt with homemade dumpling

PALEO: Chicken steak with ratatouille

THURSDAY 25.5.2017:
S: Chicken Broth / Frankfurt soup

M1: Segedin goulash with dumplings
M2: Zucchini risotto with peas and cheese

PALEO: Lettuce salad with smoked salmon, baby spinach and egg

FRIDAY 26.5.2017:
S: Chicken broth / garlic soup with croutons

M1: Pork schnitzel, potato mash, homemade cabbage salad
M2: Spaghetti alio, olio, pepperoncino with parmesan cheese

PALEO: Roasted duck leg with hokkaido pumpkin and mistletoe

M4: This week you can order also Fried mushrooms with cooked potatoes and home -made tartar – 4,28€