Daily Lunch Menu

Monday 14.8.2017

Soup: Chicken broth / Tomato soup

M1: Meatloaves with potato sauce

M2: Spaghetti Napolitana with cheese

M3: Baked duck breasts with sweet potato puree


Tuesday 15.8.2017

Soup: Chicken broth / Spinach soup

M1: Chicken risotto with vegetables and cheese

M2: Fried cauliflower, boiled potatoes, tartar sauce

M3: Catfish fillet with ratatouille


Wednesday 16.8.2017

Soup: Chicken broth / Vegetable soup

M1: Grilled pork slice with pasta

M2: Potato/pasta mash with pickles

M3: Leaf salad with grilled chicken meat, cherry tomatoes and black olives


Thursday 17.8.2017

Soup: Chicken broth / Lentil soup with potatoes

M1: Chicken stew sauce with small dumplings

M2: Mushroom (Champignoni) risotto with spinach leaves

M3: Grilled pork ribs with pea puree


Friday 18.8.2017

Soup: Chicken broth / Creamy garlic soup with croutons

M1: Chicken steak with fried egg, fries

M2: Cheese skewer in dough, butter potatoes, garlic dressing

M3: Grilled porkloin wrapped in bacon, steamed vegetables