Daily Lunch Menu

Monday 13.11.2017

P: Pea soup with sausage

M1: Chicken on mushrooms with rice

M2: Spinach with egg, cooked potatoes

M3: Pork in a bacon with a cream rosette


Tuesday 14.11.2017

P: Scallion soup

M1: Segedin goulash with dumpling

M2: Cockle livers with horseradish dip

M3: Tea Osso Bucco with gratinated potatoes


Wednesday 15.11.2017

P: Mushroom-cream soup

M1: Pork slices with beef, bacon and sweet chilli sauce

M2: Fruit balls with cocoa and butter

M3: Roasted duck thigh with cabbage and dumplings


Thursday 16.11.2017

P: Farmers’ soup

M1: Chicken steak in dough with cheese and cooked potatoes

M2: Vegetable risotto with cheese

M3: Perkelt from rabbit with haluks