Daily Lunch Menu

PRICE: M1 a M2: 4,28 €
PALEO: 6,60€

MONDAY 19.6.2017:

P: Chicken Broth / Vegetable Clear soup with Chickpeas

M1: Baked chicken steak with tomato and cheese, potato-celery mash

M2: Risotto with lentils and smoked tofu cheese

Paleo: Grilled tenderloin with cream-zucchini salad

TUESDAY 20.6.2017:

P: Chicken Broth / Cream soup made of wild garlic with Croutons

M1: Beef on wine, ball pasta

M2: Spaghetti with cream-champignon sauce with fresh spinach leaves and cheese

Paleo: Chicken steak with fried egg, baked beetroot with sweet potatoes

WEDNESDAY 21.6.2017:

Chicken broth / Broth with liver dumplings

M1: Chicken schnitzel in beer dough, steamed rice

M2: Pumpkin sauce with fried egg

Paleo: Nile perch fillet with spinach and celery fries

THURSDAY 22.6.2017:

Chicken broth / Vegetarian goulash

M1: Hungarian pork sauté in potato pancake, cabbage salad

M2: Oyster mushroom stew with spinach dumplings

Paleo: Turkey slice on mushrooms, pea puree

FRIDAY 23.6.2017:

Chicken broth / Dutch salmon soup

M1: Chicken Roll filled with ham and cheese, rice

M2: Vegetable rissole, potatoes baked in the peel, yoghurt-garlic dip

Paleo: Caesar salad with roasted bacon and parmesan cheese

Have not you selected meals from our menu? This week you can order Wrap with chicken meat, ice salad and tomato, garlic dip in menu price – 4,28€