Daily Lunch Menu

MONDAY 18.9.

Soup: Cabbage with sausace

M1: Hungarian port sauté, home-made gnocchi

M2: Home – made pirohy filled sheep cheese, sour cream and fried onion

M3: Chicken steak with fried egg, carrot  mash



Soup: Celery cream soup

M1:Patched  goulash, bread

M2: Lasagne Bolognese, lettuce

M3: Chicken shistaook with clary, prosciuto and Cesar vegetable



Soup: Potato with paprika soup

M1: Grilled pork loin with BBQ cream, roasted potatoes in shell

M2: Vegetable rolls with herbal dressing, potatoes with butter and parsley

M3. Grilled steak with tomatoes, mozzarela, basil and sweet potato in foil



Soup: Garlic cream with croutons

M1:  Chicken „perkelt“ (gnocchi with cream and paprika) and spinach

M2: Gratin cauliflower with cheese, boiled potatoes

M3: Turkey steak with cheddar cheese, batat fried potatoes, fried egg


FRIDAY 22.9.

Soup: Tomato soup with cheese

M1: Alaska cod inside of dough, fried potatoes, home – made „tatárska“ (mayonnaise cream with spices and cucumber)

M2: Spaghetti with chicken pieces, black olives and spinach leaves

M3: Grilled ermine in prosciuto, salad with olives and pumpkin seeds