Daily Lunch Menu

P: Potato pepper soup

M1: Chicken slices with peach, cheese and stewed rice

M2: Gratinated potatoes with champignons, spinach and cheese

M3: Hokkaido risotto with grilled hermelin and pumpkin seeds


Tuesday 21.11.2017

P: Onion soup

M1: Pork roll filled with spinach and cheese with roasted potatoes

M2: Mushroom sauce with dumplings and almonds

M3: Chicken steak in prosciutte with celery-potato mini-blacks


Wednesday 22.11.2017

P: Bean soup wit sausage

M1: Chicken slices with pepper sauce and French fries

M2: Smoked cheese in potato with potato mash

M3: Pork loin in bacon with baked dill


Thursday 23.11.2017

P: Clay cream soup

M1: Grilled grill with straps

M2: Zucchini-cheese fried loaves with fries and homemade tartar sauce

M3: Chicken steak in almond dough with gratinated potatoes


Friday 24.11.2017

P: corn soup with cornmeal dumplings

M1: Chicken Gordon Bleu with stewed rice

M2: Bolognese pasta with grated cheese

M3: Dürum plate with lettuce, tomato, tomato and grilled salmon with herbal dressing