Daily Lunch Menu

Monday 9.10. 2017

P2: Chickpeas soup with vegetables

M1: Meatroll with potato puree, pickle

M2: Spaghetti Carbonara with cheese

Turbo : Chicken steak with wild garlic pesto, baked sweet potato


Tuesday 10.10.2017

P2:  Vegetable soup with sausage

M1: Chicken roast on onion, rice

M2: English vegetables, fried egg, potatoes

Turbo : Grilled pork loin with  broccoli muffin and bacon sauce


Wednesday 11.10.2017

P2: Champignoni cream soup

M1: Chilli con Carne in potato pancake with cheese

M2: Pasta-potato mash with homemade vegetable salad

Turbo: Ceasar salad with chicken meat and parmesan chrisp


Thursday  12.10.2017

P2: Potato soup on paprika

M1: Pork roll with cabbage and dumpling

M2: Vegetarian stew with rice

Turbo: Filled turkey schnitzel with bacon and sheep cheese, american potatoes


Friday 13.10.2017

P2: Celery cream soup with celer chrisp

M1: Cordon Bleu with rice

M2: Bean stew with baked sausage, bread

Turbo : Cream rissoto with spinach leaves, grilled salmon pieces and parmesan


M4: Chicken cheese-dough schnitzel, parsley potatoes, tartar sauce