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Testosterone Booster Pills

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That’s because if you choose a penis pill like VigRX Plus, that is an all natural Testosterone Booster Pill, then you can use this penis pill for your natural penis enlargement.

And in truth, going for natural is a commendable way to go since no one wants to put a bunch of dodgy ingredients and chemicals into their body without know the side effects. A natural product doesn’t always mean no side effects, but it does mean that you’re less likely to suffer with some very nasty side effects.

Testosterone Booster Pills Side Effects

The ingredients in VigRX Plus Testosterone Booster Pills are 100% all natural and you can trust that this, compared to many of the other so called natural penis pills out there, will not compromise your desire to go natural.

So yes you can opt for a jelqing method and try and increase your penis size that way, but keep in mind that not many guys have reported that this method works for them – I just feel that it’s a method that I should bring to you.

So again, just because you’ve decided to go for the natural method to increase your penis size, it doesn’t mean that you should rule out penis pills. Just make sure that the pills you choose are REALLY all natural!

Penis Size – How Insecure Are You

There’s hardly an organ on or within a man’s body that a man frets on like his penis! The size of a man’s penis can leave him insecure, fretful and just down right miserable. Very rarely can any other organ make a man feel this way.

But just how justified is it to feel this way about your penis size?

Well in my experience it doesn’t matter whether the way you feel is justified or not, it matters how you feel and what you can do about how you feel.

Testosterone Booster Pills Side Effects

First of all let me say that it isn’t a huge surprise that guys feel as insecure about their size as they do when you look around you and see what kind of world we live in. Everything is bigger, bigger and then bigger still. Drive thru’ Mac D and you’ll get asked if you want to super size your meal? Do you want more fries, a larger shake, a bigger burger? How many say “no, just give me the regular size”?

Whether you can eat a bigger meal or not, when you check out how much more it’s going to cost you, most of us will say “yes, gimme the upgrade!”

It’s kinda the same with penis size. Us guys think that if a girl sees two guys naked then she’s going to go for the guy with the bigger dick and chances are, we’d be right.

Women have from time begun weighed up guys in terms of fertility and rightly or wrongly there’s a perceived instinct that the bigger a guy the more fertile he will be. This instinct is primal and where did the women get it? From guys! Where did the guys it? From the women! It’s a kind of chicken and egg situation.

It’s no wonder then that faced with being laughed at by women as you stand naked in front of them for the first time, when you get racked with thoughts that the next day your lover will be sniggering and laughing about your size and your performance the next day with a vicious girlfriends, insecurity here I come!

Getting past that insecurity to live and enjoy your life isn’t an easy thing to do. No matter how much you’re told it doesn’t matter or everything is fine, unless you feel it doesn’t matter, unless you feel everything is fine – it won’t be!

Sex Hormones – The Natural High

I suddenly thought that if you’ve followed any of my advice then you’ve taken the first step to finding your male enhancement solution, hopefully using Testosterone Booster Pills, and if not a male enhancement solution that works for you! So if you have, then no doubt you’re enjoying some terrific sex and you’re at ease with yourself sexually and having fun, so let’s give you some info about what’s happening with your hormones during and after sex!

Sex and your Hormones

Oxytocin – this is what I call the ‘love ingredient’ after sex there is a need in some guys to feel physically close to the naked woman next to them. Reaching over and holding her happens because you have a rush of oxytocin released and this ingredient makes you feel close to your partner. Oxytocin also helps with the intensity of your hormones and gives you the boom feeling as you come.

Prolactin – this one is what inhibits your recovery time! For some guys it’s not a real problem, they can have sex, come and be ready to go again in a matter of minutes! If you’re like most of us guys, then you’ll take some time in between sessions. You’ll need a recovery time before you can give her your attention again and this is because of prolactin. Think of prolactin as the reason you fall asleep after sex, because that’s exactly what it does. So the next time she moans at you for falling asleep right afterwards, tell her it’s not your fault, it’s the prolactin in your body! 🙂

Endorphins – I’m sure you’ve heard of endorphins! Endorphins are the reason you feel like you’re the man after you’ve had sex. They give you that rush and that high. Endorphins also make you feel like there’s not a thing wrong in the world and protect you from anxiety and stress. Just like prolactin, they also help you to fall asleep and rest after sex!

Serotonin – This is the mood factor natural high drug. In fact a lot of these hormones and enzymes has learnt their names to prescription drugs and that’s where you might have heard the name before. Serotonin released in your brain helps you to feel high, happy and ready to see the good in everything! When you have an orgasm you do feel naturally high and the serotonin that you released helps that.
Testosterone – the good ol’ sex drive drug! Without testerone you will struggle a lot to feel like sex and be able to have sex! Testerone is that important. Incidentally both men and women in different degrees, create testerone.

To sum up, the natural high that sex hormones and enzymes release in your body is nature’s way of driving you to enjoy everything about sex and keep you coming back to what should be one of your favourite pass times. So enjoy!

And if you haven’t decide to give your sex life a boost with a penis pill such as Vimax, why the hell not?

Where to Buy Testosterone Booster Pills

So you’ve heard all about them and now you’re wondering “where to buy Testosterone Booster Pills?” Well I’m going to add “safely” on the end of that question, because there’s no doubt in my mind that the majority of the Testosterone Booster Pills you find online are not the real thing and therefore not safe and quite frankly should be avoided.

This is because some of the ‘offers’ for Testosterone Booster Pills you’ll find online are basically counterfeit or knock off pills and you really have no idea what they’re made of! Ask yourself this, do you really want to put something you have no idea of what, inside your body?

Of course these knock off pills are going to be cheaper and here’s why:

Sub standard ingredients that would fail any test and won’t give you the penis size or increase your sex drive in fact they could have a serious effect on any part of your body!

Produced under questionable conditions, which again means you could be opening yourself up to all kinds of secondary contamination.
No regulations, which means corners are cut and shady practices abound!
No customer service or money back guarantee!

Furthermore, think about your privacy and the risk that you run of sending your financial details and your personal information to a site or company about whom you have no idea. You could end up not only out of pocket but also, if you’re trying to keep your use of Testosterone Booster Pills private, can you really trust some anonymous website selling cut priced counterfeit penis pills with your privacy?

As tempting as the saving might be I’d urge you to click on any of the BLUE links on my site, which will take you to official Testosterone Booster Pills site where you can buy or try Testosterone Booster Pills for free in the knowledge that you’ll enjoy:
60 day money back guarantee
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