As guys increasing our semen count is always going to be top of our list behind being hung!

Checking out how to increase semen count is then a great way to feel great about yourself and drive your libido. I mean we’ve all seen the porn star give the girl a cream pie to die for, right!

So let’s check out 5 great ways to increase semen count.

1) How hot are you? Yep, if you want to increase your semen count and quality it’s vital that you don’t get over heated in the testicle department. Keep your testicles cool and loose and what will help is wearing boxers instead of briefs or speedos.

2) Cut out as much alcohol as you possibly can. It’s a well known fact that alcohol in take can negatively affect your semen/sperm count and so it makes sense to either reduce or cut out alcohol all together.

3) Add some exercise to your life, but don’t go too crazy. If you add in 3 or 4 sessions of exercise per week of 20 minutes each, then it will do wonders for your sperm. It all goes to a healthy lifestyle that will help you increase your semen count.

4) A great thing to include in your life is a male enlargement supplement that will help you greatly increase your sperm count. The ingredients in a natural male enlargement pill are designed to help you not only improve your erection, not only increase your penis size, but the right natural male enhancement pill can also improve your semen count.

5) Add foods rich in zinc, selenium! Foods rich in the omegas such as oily fish, avocado, nuts and fruits. Adding all of these foods and supplements can be a great help to your sperm.

Obviously if your semen count isn’t what you’re hoping for at the moment, then including all of the 5 tips outlined above will help you, but it won’t change over night. It will take a bit of time for the effects to take hold, but if you stick to as many of the tips above then you will see an improvement and your sperm count will increase. Use penis enlargement pills.


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