You’ve probably found a ton of websites offering free penis enlargement – this site included – but does free penis enlargement really exist? Or are you going to have to pay for something down the line?

Well, it’s a good question!

The truth is, on my website, the free penis enlargement pill on offer from Vimax, is free, but you do have to pay a shipping fee!

So, some of you guys might think, well that isn’t free if you have to pay for shipping! If it’s free, then you should simply enter your address and have the Vimax people send you your free bottle of penis enlargement pills and leave it at that.

Well the truth is that Vimax are in business to make money and if they not only gave away a month’s supply of their successful penis pills, but also paid for the shipping fee too, then they would lose a lot of money.

What’s worth pointing up is that penis enlargement pills are confident in their penis pills and that’s why they give out a month’s supply for free. Their hope is that you’ll want to buy the second month’s supply once you find out just how good these penis pills are. They are confident that their pills will increase your penis size and your sex drive and you’ll be more than happy to pay for another month’s supply .

If Vimax wasn’t as good as it was, then giving out free penis enlargement pills would be a bad move for Vimax, because no one would ever come back for the second month. Remember it’s the second month on which they begin to make their money and Vimax are confident enough to believe that you’ll see great success and come back to them for more.

So you have to pay for the shipping, but in my mind that doesn’t mean that Vimax is not a free penis enlargement pill, because you’re not paying for the penis pills, you’re paying for the shipping.

Judge for yourself and try it!


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