Going back a few years now, before I met and married my wife, I knew I had a problem when my then girlfriend asked one night “is it in yet?”

I was mortified! Wrecked inside!

Yep I was 4.2 inches back then and I’d always been considered a good looking guy and so when I started going out with this particular girlfriend, who was hot, no one thought “what’s she doing with him?” We were a good looking couple.

But that night, when we were in bed and she asked that question, it crippled me and that’s when I knew I’d struggle to hold onto any girl with the size of my penis. Use penis enlargement pills.

It took 3 weeks for us to finally break up, but from that fateful night I couldn’t look her in the eye.

I don’t need to say this to you, but penis size and a guy’s psyche are pretty much intertwined. Knock one and you knock the other!

I don’t think she meant to hurt me, she wasn’t have a go or anything, I just thought that she genuinely didn’t know that I was inside her!

I knew before that night that I had to do something about my penis size. I knew I wasn’t happy, I was lacking confidence, but that night was a huge wake up call. However, finding out what to do about gaining penis size can be a roller coaster and it does take some research and some discerning choices to find what’s right for you.

Looking back at what happened that night it might have been tough to hear – and it really was – but it was the best thing that could’ve happened to me because it set me on the path to finding out how to increase my penis size. Of course it wasn’t straight forward, I didn’t find the answer to my problem straight away, it took the love of a good woman who understood what I was going through and helped me make the right decisions for US!

So take heed! Everyone of us has a turning point, a moment or an event that really forces us to do something about what’s making us miserable and keeping us frustrated. The important thing is to act upon that event, that moment and take action to solve your issue.


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